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Purple Harmony Disk

1 1/2" diameter

There are many ways to use a disk.  Many computer operators around the world wear a disk to protect them from electromagnetic radiation. 

A disk attached to your pet's collar will allow him or her to enjoy the same positive energy that you enjoy.

Of particular concern to cell phone users is the effect of radiation on brain tissues.  Even particularly insensitive individuals have reported "hot spots" or headaches when mobile phones are used for more than a couple of minutes, and news media reports indicate the scientific jury is still out about the degree of harm that could be involved.  However, users of cell phones report a marked reduction of these unpleasant effects when a disk is attached to the back or side of the phone.

Or...create a necklace using a chain or thin silk rope, attach it to your key chain, put one on the inside of each shoe, attach it to your child's clothing (remembering to protect them from swallowing small objects), or drop one in your shirt pocket.