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Expect A Miracle

Purple Plates have been attracting a great deal of attention worldwide, with some amazing claims being made for their effectiveness across a vast range of applications.

 How Do They Work?

The atomic structure of the plates has been altered, allowing the atoms and electrons of the aluminum to resonate in tune with the basic energy of nature, the same energy that causes the particles of every atom and molecule to be in constant vibration. The plates create a positive energy field around themselves. "This energy is very beneficial to all life … plant, animal, or human," says the inventor.

Burns, cuts, aches and pains involve a sudden change to the normal vibration rate of tissue with accompanying pain.  The theory is that the energy around the plates helps to accelerate the healing and return the injured area to its normal rate of vibration. Healing appears to be accelerated, and the pain lessens or disappears.

Many wear or carry a plate with them all the time to raise personal energy levels and protect against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment and from EMR producing equipment, e.g. computers, TVs, etc.