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Green Thumb Energy Tube.

3" x 1"

Magic Growth to Plants

Amaze yourself with how your flowers, plants, trees and vegetables can thrive by using a Green Thumb Tube to energize your watering!  Just leave the tube in any one gallon container of water for between four and eight hours, and pour the water on your plants - no chemicals, no hormones.  The results from using the Green Thumb Tube are astonishing.  Sick plants come to life and the growth rate is stimulated.  Plants become healthy and vigorous.  Particularly good for those who need a "green thumb."  Every day for many years, this unit will make 3 to 6 gallons of ionized water.


Plants love the energised water.

Drop tube into one gallon container of water overnight.  THE TUBE NEVER DISOLVES!  Make sure you leave the tube as is - the contents of the tube are meant to be encased within the plastic housing.